Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Join SmithRx, a health-tech leader revolutionizing the PBM sector with advanced technology and a member-focused platform. Be part of the change!

Introduction to SmithRx

SmithRx is a forward-thinking Health-Tech company that is challenging the status quo in the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) sector. Founded in 2016 and backed by venture capital, SmithRx has a mission to create a more efficient and cost-effective drug acquisition platform. Using state-of-the-art technology, they provide innovative cost-saving tools and superior customer service, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of members across the United States.

The culture at SmithRx is both mission-driven and collaborative, fostering an environment where employees excel. With core values that focus on integrity, courage, and teamwork, the company aims to transform the U.S. healthcare system into one that better serves its clients and members.

SmithRx's Innovative Engineering Team

SmithRx's Engineering team is at the heart of its operations, developing a modern PBM platform that introduces real-time data insights, cost savings, and a top-notch customer experience. They work on a unified technology platform—something that is currently not available in the pharmacy benefit ecosystem—in order to address widespread inefficiencies. With a focus on service quality and operational efficiency, SmithRx outperforms industry standards.

As a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer at SmithRx, one plays a vital role in software development, including front-end and back-end design, building, testing, and maintaining the SmithRx web product suite. This involves collaboration with various stakeholders and a commitment to best practices, coding standards, and a strong web application development perspective.

Responsibilities and Requirements

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineers at SmithRx lead the charge in design and development, harnessing skills in JavaScript, React, GraphQL, and a compiled language such as C, C++, Java, or Go. They collaborate with stakeholders for technical feasibility and craft high-quality, performant, and scalable code. Additionally, they are responsible for building technical design documentation to estimate scope and risk, troubleshooting production issues, using AWS technologies for various job types, and mentoring junior team members.

Candidates interested in joining SmithRx should have at least a Bachelor's degree in computer science and over five years of software development experience. They should possess expertise in JavaScript, GraphQL, React, HTML, CSS, relational databases (such as PostgreSQL), API design, and testing best practices. Experience with CI/CD pipelines, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, and in a high-growth startup is also valued.

What SmithRx Offers

SmithRx values its employees by offering a suite of wellness benefits, including medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision insurance, along with life insurance. The company also offers flexible spending benefits, 401(k) retirement savings, disability coverage, generous paid time off, paid holidays, and other wellness, commuter, and parental leave benefits. There is also an emphasis on professional development and training opportunities, and offices are equipped with a well-stocked kitchen for employee comfort.

Joining the SmithRx Team

Located in San Francisco, California, SmithRx provides an energetic, positive work environment seeking flexible and disciplined individuals driven to impact the healthcare space. With a team-first approach and commitment to a high standard of software design and development, SmithRx invites talented professionals to become a part of their growth story and contribute to the healthcare transformation.

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San Francisco, California

Software development


February 6, 2024


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