Aha!: Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer (Frameworks)

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Discover Aha!, a Unique SaaS Company

Aha! stands out as a self-funded, highly profitable SaaS company offering the world's leading product development software. Emphasizing a remote work culture, Aha! has over 600,000 product builders using its tools such as Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Notebooks, and Aha! Develop. The company prioritizes learning through Aha! Academy and supports charitable causes with Aha! Cares, contributing over $1M to those in need.

Engineering at Aha!

Aha! has a productive, fully remote engineering team that operates in North American time zones. The team focuses on collaboration, fast shipping of code, and valuing product over process to solve complex challenges with minimal overhead. Knowledge sharing is key, both internally and with the larger developer community through the engineering blog.

Aha!'s Technology Stack

Aha!'s tech stack features a Ruby on Rails monolith, Postgres, Redis, and memcached, with a Node.js webserver for real-time updates. Hosted on AWS, Aha! employs ECS for scalability. The front end incorporates React for rich interactive experiences. The company balances adopting new technologies with the focus on maintenance efficiency. Planning and collaboration are done using Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Develop, with Slack and Zoom facilitating communication.

The Ideal Aha! Candidate

Candidates should have experience in Ruby on Rails and be willing to learn React. Aha! values kind individuals who are team players, problem solvers, and have worked with cloud-based products at scale. The role includes developing features across the stack, optimizing performance, and participating in customer support.

Your Career at Aha!

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer, you'll tackle a wide range of tasks from implementing new features to optimizing performance. Aha! seeks proactive engineers ready to collaborate with product and UX teams, delivering a seamless user experience. Benefits include competitive salaries, profit sharing, comprehensive health coverage, generous PTO, parental leave, and education allowances.

Join the Aha! Team

Aha! offers a dynamic work environment with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Team members enjoy profit sharing, retirement contributions, and a commitment to work-life balance. The company extends its benefits globally, aiming to provide equal perks to international teammates.

How to Apply

For those interested in contributing to a high-growth company focused on building products that customers love, Aha! is inviting applications for the role of a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer. Check out the job posting and apply through the link provided to become part of a company that lives its values every day.

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Software development


February 6, 2024


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