Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ads

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Join Pinterest's mission to inspire and help users create a life they love. Contribute as a product marketer in our positive, innovative community.

Discover a Career fuelling Inspiration at Pinterest

Millions of people worldwide turn to Pinterest for inspiration, planning important aspects of their lives. Pinterest's mission is central to providing this inspiration, aiming to help Pinners in creating a life filled with passion and love. As an integral part of the team, you'll face challenges that foster both the company's growth and your own personal development, all within the positive sphere of the internet.

Embracing Diversity

Pinterest values the unique perspectives and experiences you bring to the table, recognizing the importance of a career that appreciates individuality. The company upholds an inclusive environment where evaluating your skills and experiences plays a significant role in complementing the job's requirements.

Introducing Pinterest's PinFlex Work Model

PinFlex symbolizes Pinterest's innovative approach to blending life and work harmoniously. More information and specifics about this progressive model can be found on Pinterest's PinFlex landing page.

Role and Responsibilities

This opportunity entails being the face of Pinterest's advertising products, liaising between the internal teams and market needs to foster product value and delivery. You'll own your products comprehensively, from ideation to global implementation, contributing to a unique advertising platform that emphasizes personalized and relevant content. Key role functions include market analysis, strategy development, customer advocacy, and orchestrating a synchronized go-to-market process with tracked success metrics.

Candidate Expectations

The perfect candidate boasts over 5 years of advertising experience with at least 2 in product marketing at a high-growth tech company. A solid grasp of the advertising domain, particularly in ad delivery, personalization, and performance metrics, is essential. You should possess an aptitude for project management and be adept at converting complex ideas into straightforward communication.

Additional Role Information

Candidates should acknowledge the lack of relocation assistance and be informed about the company's hybrid work model, the PinFlex. Pinterest promotes equality, inclusivity, and inspiration in the workplace, offering full transparency on compensation, with a base salary range for this U.S. position between $114,750 and $236,000 USD, subject to necessary adjustments.

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United States



February 8, 2024


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