1099 Licensed Child Behavioral Therapist Psychologist

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Fort Health is seeking passionate clinicians to expand children's access to quality mental health care. Join us and make a difference!

About Fort Health

Fort Health is a company with a heart for improving mental health care for children and adolescents, addressing a significant gap as 50% of kids in the U.S. do not receive the mental health care they need. The company has a market size of over $50 billion and partners with organizations like the Child Mind Institute to create a support system that blends digital tools with virtual clinical support, embracing the philosophy of strength in togetherness.

About the Role

The role at Fort Health is crucial, as clinicians are at the core of the company’s operations. The clinician's role is designed to deliver exceptional job experiences for those passionate about providing high-quality mental health care to children and their families on a flexible schedule, with the potential for the position to become part-time or full-time.

Job Details

The role requires a minimum of 10 hours of availability each week, particularly afternoons and evenings ET, with optional Saturday hours. The pay is $85 per 60-minute session, with reimbursement for no-shows if the patient fails to comply with company policy.

Role Responsibilities

Clinicians will provide one-on-one therapy, collaborate on treatment plans, engage with a child's support network, include parents in sessions, receive paid supervision initially, and have access to cutting-edge treatment protocols.

Candidate Requirements

Applicants must be independently licensed mental health professionals in Texas, possess an active NPI, have substantial clinical experience with children, be diligent in note-taking, and be able to provide evidence-based treatments, among other qualifications.

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred candidates will have credentials with major insurers, CAQH credentialing, multi-state licensure, and teletherapy experience.

Why Join Fort Health?

Fort Health offers a work environment that supports clinical growth, peer connection, professional development, and flexible scheduling. Clinicians can focus on care delivery without administrative burdens, in a fully remote setting.

Application Resources

Prospective candidates are provided with links to apply for an NPI and CAQH, essential steps in the application process.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Fort Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values diversity and inclusivity within its team.

Company Overview

Based in Houston, Texas, Fort Health is pioneering a new treatment model in the mental health industry and is keen on attracting talent to contribute to its growth and mission of enhancing children's mental health care.

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Fort Health

Houston, Texas

Social Media Management


February 10, 2024


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