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Exciting opportunity for a seasoned Content Expert to enhance our Shopify blog builder with top-notch SEO and compelling writing. Apply now!

Be the Architect of High-Ranking Content

Are you poised to take on the challenge of scaling the content heights for an innovative Shopify blog builder? A visionary Content Expert is needed to propel our client's service, distinguished by exceptional SEO and design, to the forefront of e-commerce visibility and conversions.

About Our Client

Their remarkable platform has seen significant growth since its inception in September 2021. Boasting a client base of 2,000 merchants across 70 countries, they've achieved this feat without venture capital funding, a testament to their unique offering.

The Role: SEO Content Writer

You will focus mainly on generating SEO-driven content while also enhancing other communicative areas such as newsletters and website copy. Your mission will be to establish the client's pages as the top result on Google search.

Role Expectations

  • Create engaging, jargon-free content with a creative spark.
  • Use your SEO writing expertise for various formats, including blog posts and landing pages.
  • Demonstrate HTML knowledge to optimize on-page SEO elements.
  • Own the content creation process, exhibiting autonomy and inventiveness.
  • Your proactive stance will be key to advancing the content strategy.
  • Prior SAAS industry experience and English proficiency are critical.
  • Ability to utilize Webflow CMS is a significant plus.

Recruitment Journey

  1. Initial HR interview to assess fit.
  2. Completion of a paid technical assignment to exhibit skill set.
  3. A technical interview to delve into your expertise.
  4. Final team interview to ensure mutual alignment.

Embark on this career-defining journey where your content mastery will be central to shaping the future of e-commerce blogging.

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February 15, 2024


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