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Join SIMPLE in their mission to enhance health through nutrition with 15M app downloads. Seeking a Customer Support Phone Rep with stellar skills & benefits.

Introduction to SIMPLE

SIMPLE is a mobile app focused on improving health through nutrition, boasting 15 million unique downloads and a high growth rate. It offers users judgment-free advice and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle through balanced nutrition, fostering a positive food relationship and well-being. Avo, an in-app wellness assistant, provides users with personalized suggestions and real-time answers, encouraging them to adopt healthy habits with ease.

Job Opportunity: Customer Support Phone Representative

The company is looking for a Customer Support Phone Representative to join their team. This role entails managing inbound and outbound calls, drafting professional emails, providing exceptional support in billing, cancellations, and refunds, and resolving customer issues with excellence. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5-7 years of customer service experience, exceptional English communication skills, the ability to work various shifts, and a proven track record of managing high-pressure situations. EU/US clientele experience, especially in e-commerce or fintech, is preferred.

Key Responsibilities

The Customer Support Phone Representative will be expected to provide high-quality service by handling calls professionally, managing client communication effectively, collaborating with other teams, and resolving issues with advanced problem-solving skills. Maintaining a professional demeanor and focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction are central to this role.

Experience and Qualifications

Candidates should have extensive customer service experience, excellent English skills, readiness to work in shifts, and an ability to interface with international clients. Strong problem-solving, conflict resolution skills, and an affinity for working in fast-paced environments are essential. An ability to work with service platforms and a dedication to continuous improvement is also required.

Perks and Benefits

The position offers a competitive salary, remote work flexibility, a premium SIMPLE app subscription, 21 days of annual leave, and a bonus system for extraordinary results.

Company Values

SIMPLE is driven by key values such as a commitment to data-based decisions, focus on impact and quick action, taking ownership of one’s work, pushing limits through innovative thinking, and being part of a championship team where members support and challenge each other.

About the Company

Palta, located in Manila, Philippines, is the company behind SIMPLE. It prioritizes health through digital innovation, and is on the search for individuals who align with their mission and values to join their dynamic team.

To apply or learn more about this empowering health journey provided by SIMPLE and to become part of a team that values growth, impact, responsibility, and continuous improvement, visit

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Manila, Philippines

Customer support


February 17, 2024


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