Senior Sales & Community Manager CIS regions

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Join BitMEX, the cutting-edge trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives. Secure, innovative, with an unparalleled commitment to trader success.

Comprehensive Overview of BitMEX

BitMEX, established in 2014, has shaped the cryptocurrency trading sphere, becoming the global leader in cryptocurrency derivatives trading. Its founding philosophy revolves around change and innovation, contributing to its status as a benchmark for liquidity and security in the contemporary crypto market.

Embracing its role as a knowledge provider, BitMEX empowers a large number of traders, enabling them to confidently execute trades amounting to billions of dollars daily. The platform prides itself on offering professional-grade tools optimized for low latency, deep liquidity, and continuous availability.

The platform's product suite includes over 100 derivatives contracts, spot trading for 11 pairs, and a convenient crypto conversion tool for 30 different cryptocurrencies. The revolutionary Perpetual Swap, a product of BitMEX, has significantly influenced the market since its inception in 2015.

Prioritizing transparency, BitMEX is among the first exchanges to provide on-chain Proof of Reserves and Liabilities publicly, reassuring users of the safety of their funds.

Career Opportunity at BitMEX

BitMEX is on the lookout for a Senior Sales & Community Manager with a talent for sales and fintech industry knowledge. This role is pivotal for fostering community engagement, relationship development, and driving sales and marketing initiatives to enhance the platform's trading volume and revenue.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating and executing community engagement strategies, especially for CIS markets
  • Devising plans to boost retail user growth and trade volume
  • Engaging with potential customers and fostering partnerships
  • Supporting content creation to maintain a cohesive narrative across community channels
  • Providing effective customer support and acting as a liaison with the support team
  • Analyzing data to inform strategies for community engagement and sales
  • Organizing events to strengthen community ties and generate leads

Collaboration with various internal teams is crucial, including marketing, product development, and affiliate management.


Prospective candidates must demonstrate a robust background in client engagement, a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and at least 4 years of experience in crypto trading or fintech sales. Additionally, candidates should be accomplished traders with significant personal trading experience in the derivatives market.

An entrepreneurial spirit, strong interpersonal skills, and language proficiency in English and a CIS region language are also necessary. Passion for digital currencies and a dedication to continual industry learning are paramount. BitMEX values team players proficient in business applications and social media.

The company welcomes applicants with varying levels of experience, who may be considered for the Sales & Community Manager role.

Join the BitMEX Mission

BitMEX is not just about providing a trading platform; it's about building a thriving crypto ecosystem through strategic technological investments, contributing to the future of digital financial services.

For more details, explore the BitMEX Blog or the official website, and engage with the BitMEX community through their social channels.

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February 18, 2024


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