Product Support Expert - Contractor (Bogotá, Colombia)

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Join Podium to empower local businesses with AI lead conversion, review management & more. Seeking customer-focused support pros in Bogotá.

Podium: Empowering Local Businesses to Succeed

Podium is dedicated to aiding local businesses in excelling through its innovative lead conversion platform. Utilizing AI and robust integrations, Podium enables faster lead conversion, simplified communication, and increased sales. The suite of tools offered includes review management, marketing, and payment processing solutions.

Recognition and Culture at Podium

The commitment of Podium to support local businesses has garnered accolades from notable institutions like Forbes and Fast Company. At its core, Podium values a thriving workplace culture based on developing exceptional talent guided by clear operating principles.

Customer Support: The Heart of Podium

Providing excellent customer support is central to the customer experience at Podium. The role demands a blend of curiosity, adaptability, and a customer-centered mindset, ensuring customers focus on what’s crucial—growing their business.

What Podium Expects from You

Podium looks for candidates with a deep passion for customer service, an unyielding curiosity, a sense of ownership, adaptability, and outstanding communication skills.

Your Role in Customer Support

As a customer support representative, you will primarily handle inquiries, become a product expert, provide resolutions, and seek opportunities to enhance customer value. Collaboration with various departments to drive customer engagement and retention is key.

Job Performance Metrics

Success in this role is measured by resolution efficiency, case volume management, customer satisfaction, and the quality of customer interactions.

Desired Experience and Skills

Candidates must be fluent in English, based in Bogotá, Colombia, and possess 2-3 years of SaaS customer support experience. A background in online software support, developing best practices in support quality, and balancing independent work with team collaboration is crucial. Familiarity with web technologies and support systems is required.

Work Availability Requirements

Candidates must be available to work during U.S. business hours to cater to the clientele effectively.

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Bogotá, Colombia

Customer support


February 18, 2024


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