Staff Security Engineer

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Join Polygon Labs as a Staff Security Engineer and lead security efforts in Rust developed solutions for pioneering Web3 and blockchain technologies.

About Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs is spearheading the development of Ethereum scaling solutions within the Polygon protocols. Its goal is to create a scalable, affordable, secure, and sustainable Web3 blockchain infrastructure. Initially focusing on multiple scaling solutions such as layer 2s, sidechains, and data availability protocols, Polygon Labs has achieved extensive adoption, with significant numbers of users, apps, and transactions across its network. Major Web3 projects like Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, as well as sizable enterprises such as Robinhood, Stripe, and Adobe, are part of the network. Furthermore, Polygon Labs is committed to environmental sustainability, maintaining a carbon-neutral position while aiming to make Web3 carbon negative.

Job Summary and Key Responsibilities

Polygon Labs is seeking a Staff Security Engineer with expertise in the Rust language and experience in blockchain security. The responsibilities include leading security assessments, participating in Bug Bounty Programs, collaborating with the development teams, engaging with external vendors, driving security awareness, and mentoring colleagues. The Security Team aspires to be a trustworthy organization and seeks a professional individual to tackle complex and challenging security issues in the blockchain sphere.

A Day in the Life at Polygon Labs

Day-to-day tasks may involve triaging bug bounty reports, performing code reviews, advising on vulnerability remediation, and evaluating architectural decisions. The role provides exposure to leading-edge security practices, with a special focus on Zero Knowledge technology.

Team Overview and Benefits

The global security team at Polygon Labs is dedicated to delivering secure products and is poised to delve into Zero Knowledge technology. Hiring for this role comes with numerous perks including remote work, competitive health benefits, 401k matching, allowances for home office and books, flexible time off, wellness benefits, and various other employee support measures.

Equal Opportunity and Inclusivity at Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs promotes diversity and inclusion, offering equal opportunities to all and providing accommodations throughout the recruitment process for individuals with disabilities. With a culture of dignity, independence, and equal opportunity, Polygon Labs invites candidates who may not meet every job requirement to apply and engage in dialogue about their potential fit within the company.

Learn More and Connect with Polygon Labs

Information about Polygon Labs, including the candidate privacy policy, can be found on their official website and through their various social media platforms. The company operates on a global scale and encourages interested candidates to explore more about its mission and community on platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Polygon Labs

Global (with remote work option)

Software development


February 22, 2024


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