Topflight: Healthcare Sales Development Representative

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Join Topflight Apps as a Healthcare Sales Development Rep and shape the future of healthcare tech. Remote, US-based role with high growth potential.

About Topflight

Topflight is at the forefront of mobile and web app development, especially in transforming healthcare technology. They aim to address care gaps in hospital systems by delivering state-of-the-art technological solutions and providing superior patient care. Their clients include medical professionals and healthcare visionaries, and they pride themselves on an approach akin to Navy Seals, ensuring long-term engagement with their clients. Topflight's success is evident in their contributions to over 200 million USD in client funding and acquisitions, earning them a recognition by Inc5000.

Job Summary and Responsibilities

The role of Healthcare Sales Development Representative is designed to propel Topflight’s influence in the healthcare IT sector. This remote position requires a candidate based in the U.S. for frequent face-to-face interactions at industry events. Key responsibilities include spearheading sales strategies, securing enterprise healthcare accounts, and building substantial industry contacts. The position entails delivering sales presentations, developing strategies with the executive team, and exceeding sales targets.

Essential Job Functions

Candidates must be adept in digital collaboration, be able to work independently, attend meetings with reliable internet access, manage workflows, and meet deadlines efficiently.


Qualifications include at least 2 years of experience in leading professional services sales within healthcare, a track record of successful sales with substantial close rates, and the ability to sell complex, multi-stage technology projects. Prospective applicants should have excellent communication skills, be willing to travel within the U.S., and possess a comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies.

What You'll Get

Topflight offers a competitive compensation package with significant commission potential, impact in healthcare technology growth, remote work flexibility, annual salary reviews, bonuses, learning opportunities, flexible time off, and a focus on work-life balance.

Application Process

To apply, candidates should submit a Cover Letter and CV to the specified email addresses, highlighting why they are an ideal fit for the position.

Important to Note

The fully remote position may require flexibility across various time zones, and a one-month trial period is standard to ensure a smooth transition into the company.

How to Apply

Interested individuals can apply through the provided Topflight's job listing link, with all applications requiring a Cover Letter and CV for consideration.

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United States



February 22, 2024


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