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Roivant aims to accelerate drug development, boasting 20+ Vants, 5 IPOs, 10 positive phase 3 trials, 6 FDA approvals, and a growing pipeline.

Overview of Roivant Sciences

Since 2014, Roivant Sciences' mission has been to improve the process of bringing new medicines to market to benefit patients and their families. They've built a noteworthy track record, establishing over 20 portfolio companies, accomplishing 5 successful IPOs, delivering 10 consecutive positive Phase 3 trials, securing 6 FDA approvals, and generating more than $10 billion from global pharma partnerships and proceedings. Additionally, Roivant made a successful commercial launch of VTAMA® cream for plaque psoriasis treatment. With a focus on innovative assets, Roivant is evolving into a prime tech-enabled pharmaceutical entity.

Role Summary: Vice President, Clinical Operations

Roivant is looking for a Vice President to manage and grow the clinical team. The new hire will be integral to the company's success, overseeing clinical operations, enhancing strategy, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. This individual will spearhead clinical trials management, maintain quality systems, and foster relationships with external partners and health authorities.

Key Responsibilities

The role encompasses strategic leadership in clinical programs, operational and risk management, budget control, and establishing partnerships with CROs and other vendors. The VP will also develop clinical operational planning, maintain high standards of quality, and engage with senior management, board members, and financial stakeholders.

Skills, Qualifications, and Requirements

Prospective candidates should have at least a decade of clinical operations management experience in the Pharma/Biotech industry, a bachelor's degree in life sciences, and proficiency in project management. Demonstrated ability to communicate and lead, in-depth knowledge of drug development, and hands-on experience with regulatory agencies are essential. Leadership and problem-solving skills are crucial, as are organizational and negotiation proficiencies.

Roivant's Commitment to Equality

Roivant Sciences is dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment, providing equal opportunities for all applicants without bias. The company maintains a strict policy against unsolicited resumes from agencies.

For more details, visit Roivant Sciences’ career page.

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Roivant Sciences

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March 5, 2024


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