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WebFX, a US-based digital marketing agency, is hiring for its remote copy team. Requires a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields and an upper mid-tier GPA.

About WebFX

WebFX is an all-encompassing digital marketing agency based in the US. Noted as the Best Place To Work in Pennsylvania for eight consecutive years, the company has a mission to provide top-tier digital marketing solutions for medium-sized businesses around the globe. They look forward to hiring candidates who take pride in their marketing work and enjoy a playful environment.

Job Eligibility

The company is eyeing candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, Professional Writing, and other related fields. A Grade Point Average (GPA) above 3.4 is preferred. This position is open for entry-level applicants, offering training in the required areas. Having part-time/summer job/internship experiences, exceptional writing and communication skills, and digital format writing experience (like blogging) would be advantageous. Adaptability in writing style to fit varied tones, voices, and audiences is appreciated.

Desirable Traits

Candidates that exhibit strong passion for writing, love for research, and can dig deep into complex topics are highly desirable. Professional dependability, self-motivation, attention to detail, proactiveness in problem-solving, excellent time-management skills are assets. The company is looking for lifelong learners who love to grow and stretch beyond their comfort zone.

Job Roles

The role involves working with WebFX as a member of their remote Copy team. Writing and editing different types of content across 800+ industries for over 5,000 publishers and clients will be the main tasks. The job also involves research, time management, and problem-solving responsibilities.

Employee Benefits

WebFX offers a fully remote working position that requires 40 hours of availability per week. The schedule is flexible, and the workforce is stable. Other benefits include opportunities to learn and grow, monthly retainers, performance bonuses, and a competitive compensation package. The aim is to contribute to the company's sustainable impact initiative, #FXBuilds, and make a global difference.

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October 13, 2023


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