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Join Mysten Labs as an intern in blockchain cryptography to help build foundational infrastructure for the internet of value with a focus on privacy and security technologies.

Mysten Labs: Pioneering the Internet of Value

Mysten Labs is dedicated to the advancement of the internet of value by developing essential infrastructure based on decentralized and open protocols. The company understands the significance of blockchain technology in achieving this goal and is actively working towards promoting its widespread adoption. With their innovation and commitment, Mysten Labs is contributing to a more open and accessible financial future.

Career Opportunities: Blockchain Cryptography Software Engineer Interns

Mysten Labs is seeking promising candidates for their software engineer intern positions specializing in blockchain cryptography. Interns will have the chance to delve into areas such as Private NFTs, Anonymous Transactions, Key Loss Protection, Multi-Signatures, and Zero Knowledge Proofs. This opportunity offers collaboration with industry and academic experts and grants significant freedom regarding work environment and task management.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidates for these internships are expected to come from strong academic backgrounds, likely holding a PhD or PostDoc, or being an experienced engineer in fields related to cryptography, software security, or distributed systems. Prospective interns should have a solid grasp of cryptographic principles and the mathematics underpinning schemes such as hash functions, finite field arithmetic, and elliptic curves. Practical experience in implementing protocols and a history of high-performance coding in languages like Rust, Go, Java, or C/C++ will be beneficial. A visible Github portfolio or evidence of production-level work is highly desirable.

A Global Team with Top-Notch Backing

Mysten Labs operates on a remote-first basis, seeking to employ talent from all around the globe. By joining Mysten Labs, new hires will become part of a leading-edge team, placed perfectly to experience significant growth as the company helps to usher in the next billion web3 users. The firm has secured substantial funding through a $300M Series B round, supported by some of the most renowned venture capital firms and strategic partners.

Compensation and Work Environment

Mysten Labs is offering a competitive compensation range of $8,000 to $10,000 for the intern positions. While the company is based in the USA, these positions are fully remote, inviting applicants from the USA and Europe to join their mission of building the future of web3 technologies.

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Mysten Labs

fully remote (USA and Europe)

Software development


March 16, 2024


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