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Airbase is seeking a marketing copywriter with a flair for prose, eagle-eye editing skills, and a passion for finance and accounting content.

Overview of Airbase

Airbase is the leading spend management platform designed for mid-sized companies ranging between 100-5,000 employees. It streamlines spending controls, accelerates financial close, and mitigates financial risks. Airbase's comprehensive software includes Guided Procurement, Accounts Payable Automation, Expense Management, and an adaptable corporate card program, all available on a unified platform. The solution offers full implementation or standalone modules based on a company's needs.

Efficiency and Integration

The platform is designed to automate spending workflows while guiding the entire purchase process. It caters to complex business activities, involving multi-stakeholder compliance and intricate accounting requirements such as managing multi-subsidiaries, handling amortizations, and processing purchase orders. Airbase provides customizable approval workflows to maintain control and compliance across all forms of expenditure. Additionally, it integrates effortlessly with other business systems and general ledgers, earning the appreciation of both employees and accounting teams.

Career Opportunity: Marketing Copywriter

Airbase is looking for a talented marketing copywriter with an appreciation for excellent prose and meticulous attention to detail. The ideal candidate possesses strong writing skills, with an ability to produce content that resonates with audiences, particularly in B2B, finance, and accounting sectors. This is a contract position expected to require 35-40 hours per week, with a need for consistent, high-quality output. Candidates with finance or accounting knowledge are preferred, though a willingness to acquire such knowledge is also valued.

Key Responsibilities

The marketing copywriter will be responsible for crafting SEO-optimized articles, glossary terms, blog posts, and other forms of copy. They must edit and proofread content while adhering to the company's style guide and ensuring all copywriting projects are tracked and completed on time. Collaboration with the Director of Content for regular check-ins is also part of the role.

About the Ideal Candidate

Airbase seeks an individual with excellent copywriting and editing skills, experience in creating public-facing copy, and a history of meeting deadlines with quality content. Prior professional experience, while advantageous, is not a prerequisite. The candidate should be an independent worker with a strong track record of clear communication, effective time management, and dependability. In addition to competitive compensation, Airbase also offers comprehensive benefits and time-off policies for full-time roles.

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March 27, 2024


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