Cloud Operations Engineer - UK or Netherlands

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Join Syndio in promoting workplace equity as a Cloud Operations Engineer. Build and manage secure, reliable cloud infrastructure in a dynamic team.

Introduction to Syndio and the Role of Cloud Operations Engineer

Syndio is a game-changing technology company advancing fairness in the workplace with an $83M investment. At Syndio, you can make a difference by being part of a team that fights against gender and racial bias, striving for workplace equity. This Series-C company offers a unique opportunity for a Cloud Operations Engineer (COE) based in the UK or the Netherlands to work on developing and managing state-of-the-art infrastructure systems.

About the Role - Cloud Operations Engineer

The ideal COE candidate enjoys building reliable, performant, and scalable infrastructure systems and exhibits passion for operational excellence in a tech-evolving environment. Responsibilities include collaborating with various engineers to support infrastructure, optimizing cloud-based platforms, and implementing security and best practice standards. A flair for operational problem-solving within SaaS and cloud platform providers is fundamental.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and manage infrastructure systems with a focus on automation, monitoring, and observability.
  • Ensure shared infrastructure platforms are secure, reliable, and optimized.
  • Collaborate with engineers for smooth deployments and knowledge-sharing.
  • Partake in 24/7 on-call rotation to maintain system stability.

Qualities of the Candidate

  • 3+ years of experience in related field with proficiency in Kubernetes and Terraform.
  • Proven ability to implement complex networking principles.
  • A growth mindset geared towards learning and team collaboration.
  • Coding experience in Python and Go is a bonus.

Role Progression

Starting with a supportive onboarding process, you’ll begin contributing to projects within the first month, grow to make complex infrastructure changes in 12 months, and continue developing in a dynamic work environment.

Why You'll Love Working at Syndio

Syndio offers competitive compensation, equity sharing, generous leave policies, pension contributions, and the option for remote work. The company emphasizes employee experience, fostering a culture of transparency, diversity, and inclusion. Syndio invites candidates who align with its mission and values to become part of a team that champions workplace fairness.

Interview Process Overview

The interview consists of a preliminary call, a manager interview, and three video interviews with team members, encompassing various facets of the engineering department.

Syndio's Inclusive Culture

Syndio is a workplace open to all, regardless of identity or background, and is actively seeking to build a diverse and inclusive team during this substantial growth phase. It’s an opportunity to join a company poised to make significant social impacts, supporting clients like Nordstrom and General Mills in their pursuit of fair workplace practices.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity at Syndio

Syndio is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a collaborative and inclusive workplace. Early-stage employees at Syndio will influence the company’s trajectory while fostering social change for a diverse customer base.


For those passionate about pioneering solutions for modern workflow challenges while advocating for equity, the role of Cloud Operations Engineer at Syndio presents a unique and impactful career opportunity.

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UK or the Netherlands



April 1, 2024


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