Technical Services Specialist

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Join RapidAI as a Technical Services Specialist providing top-tier support and driving customer satisfaction using advanced AI for critical healthcare solutions.

Overview of RapidAI

RapidAI is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence to tackle vascular and neurovascular diseases, enhancing clinical decisions and improving patient care efficiency. Leveraging data from over 10 million scans across more than 60 countries, the Rapid platform offers unprecedented patient visibility to healthcare teams.

Role of Technical Services Specialist

The Technical Services Specialist at RapidAI is crucial for providing first and second level support for the company's software and hardware products. The specialist is responsible for timely and effective problem resolution, which includes diagnosing technical issues, promptly responding to support requests via phone or email, and thoroughly documenting and tracking issues until resolved.

Additionally, the role involves identifying trends in support calls, developing resources to address common problems, recommending system improvements, and potentially providing training for both RapidAI personnel and customers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Delivering quality service in line with company values
  • Supporting product training and knowledge for internal and external customers
  • Logging, tracking, and prioritizing support calls and escalating issues as needed
  • Communicating status updates to customers and management
  • Contributing to product or system enhancements
  • Working independently and collaborating with teams as necessary

Candidate Requirements

  • 1-3 years in technical support
  • Diagnostic and analytical skills for software troubleshooting
  • Proficiency in Linux OS, VPN, LAN/WAN protocols, and Internet protocols
  • Ability to multitask
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Availability for evening and weekend work as needed

Compensation and Commitment to Diversity

The role offers an hourly rate ranging from $40.00 to $60.00, depending on experience and location, and may include additional incentives. RapidAI is dedicated to a diverse work environment and equal opportunity employment, which includes non-discrimination based on various protected characteristics.

RapidAI is transparent about its CPRA policies and the use of applicants' information, which can be reviewed through the provided links.

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Customer support


April 13, 2024


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