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Join Exclusible, a leading tech studio, as a Content & Social Media Manager, driving our Roblox-based marketing to new heights. Apply now!

Overview of Exclusible

Exclusible is an innovative tech and experiential studio, positioned as a trailblazer in transforming the digital realm. With a focus on redefining immersive engagement through Gaming, Virtual Experiences, and Innovation, Exclusible strives to unlock unlimited potential for brands in the Metaverse. The company encourages community empowerment via meaningful interactions and experiences, setting new standards for living in limitless storyworlds.

About the Role at Exclusible

Exclusible is expanding its presence in the Roblox ecosystem and is actively seeking a Content & Social Media Manager to lead its marketing communication and content creation strategies. The successful candidate will report to founder Olivier Moingeon and collaborate with both the Marketing and Roblox teams. They will focus on producing content for Exclusible's Roblox projects and partnerships, and on formulating and implementing social media plans.

Main Responsibilities

The Content & Social Media Manager's key duties include crafting impactful marketing copy, contributing 12-15 articles monthly adhering to SEO standards, presenting original gaming-related topics, preparing case studies on client experiences and campaigns, coordinating with various teams to ensure cohesive communication for new game releases, and staying updated with the latest trends in Roblox, Fortnite, and the broader gaming community.

Required Skills and Experience

The role demands at least three years of experience in copywriting and/or social media management with an emphasis on Roblox. Proficiency in content creation, writing, SEO techniques, utilizing social media management tools, matching copy to brand voice, creative thinking, and in-depth knowledge of Roblox and its ecosystem are essential. Experience with Minecraft or Fortnite, and fluency in English (French is a bonus) are also required.

About Exclusible

As a company, Exclusible is positioning itself not only as a tech leader but also as a central player in the online community and gaming worlds. Operating globally, the company offers an opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge projects and learn from a skilled team, while shaping the future of digital experiences and engagement.

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Social Media Management


January 29, 2024


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