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Join Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) and STEPN for an exciting role as a content creator, crafting impactful web3 social media content. Apply now!

Overview of Find Satoshi Lab and STEPN

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is an innovative web3 product development studio that is rapidly expanding. Focused on creating engaging web3 products that integrate seamlessly into daily life, FSL is dedicated to pushing forward the adoption of web3 technologies globally. STEPN is one of their key products, designed as a community-driven lifestyle app that encourages a healthy way of life by combining gaming elements with the emerging web3 space. Regardless of a user's level of web3 expertise, STEPN offers an accessible platform for them to engage with.

STEPN's Team and Culture

The team behind STEPN is intensely product-oriented with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences. They prioritize results and community, striving to set the standard in the web3 Fitness and Health arena with an organizational culture centered on execution excellence.

Job Role: Content Creator & Word Smith

STEPN is on the hunt for a skillful content creator and wordsmith to generate compelling social media content for various platforms, including Twitter, Medium, and Reddit. The perfect candidate is professional, well-organized, inventive, a great communicator, and adept at coordinating tasks and authoring articles.

Main Responsibilities

The marketing team member will focus on producing a variety of high-quality written materials. These include official news, PR pieces, brand media articles, website content, interviews, profiles, and adapting written content for social media.

Who Should Apply

Ideal applicants should possess exceptional communication and copywriting skills, and have a keen understanding of brand voice. They need to be proactive, quick in content delivery, strategic in thinking, and equipped with excellent time management skills. A practical knowledge of major social media platforms is also required for this role.

Join the Team

STEPN welcomes applications from across the globe for those eager to contribute to the web3 sphere and become a part of a forward-looking company shaping the future of health and fitness.

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Find Satoshi Lab


Social Media Management


January 30, 2024


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