Client Account Oversight Manager (Open to Remote)

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Join Fannie Mae as a Client Account and Oversight Manager, guiding operational activities and managing risk for a diverse, inclusive team.

Company Overview

Fannie Mae stands as a beacon of opportunity, shaping the future of housing finance by making homes accessible to homeowners and renters alike. An inclusive culture and dynamic working environment contribute to a fulfilling career progression, fostering a platform where fairness in affordable housing finance is not just a goal but a tangible outcome.

Job Role and Responsibilities

The role of Client Account and Oversight Manager at Fannie Mae promises diversity in daily tasks, with a strong emphasis on customer network development, customer support, and engagement. Core duties involve managing risks through monitoring performance and indicators, nurturing customer relationships, and leading strategic projects. The position calls for a hands-on approach with planning and coordinating team operations directly influencing the success of Fannie Mae's offerings.

Impact and Qualifications

The impact of holding this position is significant, requiring a multifaceted professional with at least 6 years of experience and proficiency in the mortgage sector. Advanced expertise in process improvement, team management, problem-solving, and communication are necessary. Desired candidates hold advanced degrees with extensive mortgage and management experience. The opportunity for growth is immense, extending from personal development to enterprise-wide project leadership.

Company Culture and Benefits

Fannie Mae upholds a hybrid work model that encourages flexibility with an option for in-office collaboration. They stand strong as an equal opportunity employer, advocating for a workforce as diverse as the clientele they serve. Benefits are comprehensive, adding value to employees’ personal and financial well-being, with incentives aligned to foster performance and achievement.

Application and Additional Information

The journey at Fannie Mae begins by exploring exciting career prospects on their website. Positions are remote and tailored to offer optimal work-life balance. The organization's inclusive policy is reflected in their hiring practices, ensuring a fair chance for all applicants. For accessibility adaptations, Fannie Mae actively invites requests to accommodate specific needs. Detailed information on compensation, benefits, and application procedures can be found on their official careers page and by reaching out to their recruitment team.

The vacancy provides a pathway to realize one's professional aspiration while participating in a movement that ensures fair housing finance. The backdrop of Fannie Mae's innovative and proactive stance in the housing industry guarantees that each role is instrumental in crafting a more equitable and progressive future.

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Fannie Mae


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March 7, 2024


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