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Join Baton Health as a Product Manager and drive the modernization of healthcare credentialing using automation and data integration. Work remotely with an early-stage team.

About Baton Health

Baton Health is revolutionizing the healthcare credentialing process. Their platform seeks to replace the slow and cumbersome traditional methods of verifying healthcare practitioners' qualifications with an automated, efficient system. They are creating a Universal Primary Source to consolidate licensure information, aiming to streamline primary source verification required in healthcare.

The Role: Product Manager

Baton Health is seeking a Product Manager to join their early-stage team. This role involves defining the company's core elements, collaborating closely with the founding team, and influencing the product direction. The right candidate could work on customer-facing elements like the web app and API or focus on data ingestion and entity resolution of practitioner information. This is a remote position with occasional meetings in NYC.


  • Lead discovery and ideation processes with customers to identify needs and validate product solutions.
  • Strategize on monetization, aiming to enhance customer retention and drive revenue.
  • Collect user inputs to prioritize entity resolution methods.
  • Work with the CEO and Director of Product to deepen subject expertise in provider credentialing, spotting automation opportunities.
  • Collaborate with design and engineering to ensure ease of use and scalability of the platform.
  • Create mechanisms for ongoing user feedback and roadmap development.
  • Support team growth by assisting in hiring for engineering, marketing, and other departments.
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for operational efficiency improvements.


  • 2-5 years of experience as a Product Manager in agile delivery environments.
  • Background serving customers in regulated industries.
  • Proven ability to manage projects from uncertainty to implementation.
  • Strong problem-solving, communication skills, and collaborative approach.

Skills Required

The candidate should be comfortable with ambiguity, results-driven, and possess excellent communication skills. They should be proactive in a dynamic environment, capable of driving outcomes even under challenging circumstances.

Additional Information

Baton Health offers a competitive salary ranging from $120,000 to $150,000 plus equity. Comprehensive benefits including healthcare and dental are provided. The position is based in New York City but allows remote work.

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Baton Health

New York City

Project Management


March 12, 2024


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