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Discover JioCinema by Viacom18, a revolutionary streaming service offering live sports, entertainment & interactive viewing experiences for a diverse audience.

Introduction to JioCinema

JioCinema, owned by Viacom18, is more than just a streaming service. It represents a shift in the way entertainment and sports are consumed, aiming to break the barriers of traditional OTT platforms. JioCinema provides an immersive, interactive experience with features such as real-time streaming, interactive content, and personalized recommendations. The platform has set new records in live sports viewership and has amassed billions of digital views.

Sports and Entertainment on JioCinema

For sports enthusiasts, JioCinema hosts a plethora of live events including the IPL, FIFA, and LaLiga. In the realm of entertainment, the platform offers an extensive library that includes originals, digital premieres, reality shows, regional content, and specially curated entertainment. These offerings are free, and a subscription segment has been added for premium international content from Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCUniversal, and JioStudios. JioCinema aims to become India's top entertainment provider by focusing on the quality and diversity of experiences.

Platform Availability and Leadership Role

JioCinema is accessible to users on Android, iOS, and on the web at their official site. The Ads Product Management lead plays a crucial role within the organization, shaping product strategy, leading teams, and ensuring the success of the company's monetization strategies. Responsibilities include overseeing Ads product management teams, owning the product strategy, advocating innovation, and fostering collaborations and partnerships.

Qualifications and Experience for Leadership Role

Candidates interested in the leadership role should have over 10 years of experience in PM leadership within internet-based services, demonstrate expertise in ad tech, and possess excellent analytical and decision-making abilities. They should have a history of building and managing diverse teams and be able to work across various geographies and with remote employees.

About Viacom18

Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing entertainment network in India, featuring iconic brands that reach various generations and cultures. Its extensive portfolio includes 38 channels covering entertainment, sports, and more. JioCinema, Viacom18's OTT platform, stands as a premier destination for live sports and is part of Viacom18 Studios, which has produced notable Hindi and regional films for over 13 years.

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Viacom18 Media Pvt. Ltd.


Project Management


April 12, 2024


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