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Join Nielsen's Gracenote team as a Content Data Editor and fuel your career journey with a community that champions success.

Join the Nielsen Gracenote Team

At Nielsen, a partnership defines career growth, where you're in control of your journey. With nearly 14,000 associates, joining the Nielsen team means becoming part of a supportive community focused on your success, allowing Nielsen to succeed alongside you. The company encourages bold thinking and continuous improvement from its team members.

About Gracenote

Gracenote is a leader in providing entertainment information, offering comprehensive databases of TV, movie, and music metadata for various applications, including in-car entertainment. They serve major entertainment platforms and devices and are seeking a Content Data Editor for their team.

The Role of Content Data Editor

The Content Data Editor at Gracenote is tasked with researching, gathering, and processing data from TV series and movies, ensuring the timely and accurate entry of information into an internal database. Regular communication with broadcasters, content providers, and internal teams is crucial for securing all necessary editorial requirements. The editor will work in a relaxed office environment, managing workloads and projects independently.

Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities include creating and enhancing metadata for TV programs, investigating and documenting data for TV and movie assets, consolidating and managing content in databases, and maintaining strict broadcast quality standards and client service level agreements. Editors are also expected to work to tight deadlines to deliver high-quality data to clients.

Requirements and Qualifications

The position demands a passion for TV, movies, and possibly sports, a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience in communications or journalism, strong English language skills, experience with content management systems, excellent project and time management abilities, and readiness to work in a 24/7 operation.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate thrives under pressure, can make quick decisions, identifies accurate data reliably, has exceptional time-management and computer skills, focuses on quality, and pays keen attention to detail.

The Gracenote Team

As a Nielsen company, Gracenote provides essential music, video, and sports content and technologies to leading entertainment products and brands. With a massive database, they are a global standard for music and video recognition.

About Nielsen

Nielsen connects clients to audiences for a profound understanding of media consumption. By measuring data across all channels and platforms, Nielsen helps identify vital opportunities and drives growth. They value diversity and look for people eager to advance the industry with innovative ideas and technologies.

Joining Nielsen

Nielsen invites individuals who are driven to excel and are willing to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. Working at Nielsen, you'll be surrounded by intelligent, fun, and curious colleagues who are all passionate about their work. Nielsen offers a collaborative environment where you're encouraged to perform your best.

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March 16, 2024


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