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Join Metaschool's Web3 DevRel fellowship to build, ship, and learn Web3 with a global team. Embrace our core values and unlock a world of opportunities.

Metaschool: Empowering Developers in Web3

Metaschool is a pioneering decentralized platform that provides courses for developers looking to dive into the Web3 space. The company operates on a remote-first basis and is powered by a diverse team spread across Singapore, India, and Pakistan. Despite geographical distances, Metaschool's mission unites them: to empower developers to thrive within the Web3 ecosystem.

Our Core Values

Metaschool operates under a set of core values that guide its culture and practices:

  • Buidl dope shit: The focus is on actual accomplishments over formal qualifications.
  • Stay weird: Individuality and diversity are celebrated as strengths.
  • Improve daily: A belief in the power of consistent, incremental efforts.
  • Developers come first: A developer-centric approach is at the heart of everything Metaschool does.
  • Learners for life: Ego has no place here; continuous learning is key.
  • Collaborate to win: Collaboration is the essence of success.

About the Role

Metaschool is set to launch a Web3 DevRel Fellowship targeting developers in Kerala, India, who aspire to transition into Web3 DevRel roles. This initiative is designed to foster a passion for DevRel, which involves a mix of advocacy, community building, and technical expertise.

The fellowship is a three-month intensive program with the potential to secure full-time employment at Metaschool or with their partner organizations depending on the fellow's performance and growth.

Acceptance into the program requires a passion for Web3, coding skills, and at least one of the following key traits: excellent communication, community connection, a giving spirit, or independent problem-solving ability.

Program Benefits

Participants in the program will gain:

  • Networking with hundreds of fellow DevRels on the same journey.
  • Opportunities to lead local chapters and organize workshops.
  • Exclusive Metaschool swag and prospective Metacoin Airdrops.
  • A unique Discord badge and role.

Metaschool's commitment to diversity is significant, and they encourage applications from anyone irrespective of gender or location. The program aims to provide an environment for serious candidates to learn, build, and flourish amongst other aspiring DevRels.

Join the Global Team

If you are eager to advance your career in Web3 and align with Metaschool's mission and values, this fellowship could be your gateway to a thriving future in the rapidly growing Web3 landscape.

Company Overview

Company: Metaschool
Location: Worldwide

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Project Management


March 25, 2024


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