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Join HoYoverse for a role in product localization across games, manga, and more, requiring 3+ years' experience and multilingual skills.

Overview of the Localization Position at HoYoverse

The Localization Specialist role requires a skilled individual ready to tackle all aspects of product localization, which encompasses games, manga, and daily operation support in various languages. This opportunity is offered by HoYoverse, a company that operates in the entertainment industry, particularly in gaming and manga.


As a Localization Specialist, you are expected to handle a range of tasks to ensure the content is culturally appropriate and of high quality for target markets. These tasks include:

  • Testing localization content rigorously to adhere to the company's quality standards.
  • Being proactive in communications with both the immediate team and the wider department to record issues, relay feedback, and follow up on necessary amendments.
  • Assessing player feedback and issues critically to refine content, making it resonate with the specific language and cultural nuances of the target market.
  • Creating and executing both online and offline events to cultivate the game's community.
  • Developing promotional and advertising materials in alignment with different game genres and markets.

Candidate Requirements

Prospective candidates for this position should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • A minimum of 3 years' experience in game localization or a closely related field of translation/localization.
  • Proficiency in translating from Chinese or English to German.
  • A passion for anime and gaming, inclusive of extensive gaming experience, and a grasp of suitable language use across diverse game types.
  • An in-depth understanding of the preferences and interests of players in the target market, particularly those who enjoy anime games.
  • Strong creative acumen, especially in crafting promotional content tailored to various game genres.
  • An adeptness in information management, including sourcing, extracting, and summarizing data, along with a quick aptitude for learning new skills and concepts.
  • Excellent communication and execution skills, being a standout team player capable of managing one’s own roles and responsibilities effectively.

About HoYoverse

HoYoverse is recognized for its contributions to the gaming and manga sectors. The company places a high value on innovative product experiences and has a commitment to enriching the entertainment landscapes it operates within. Candidates looking to join this dynamic team should be prepared for a challenging yet rewarding career.

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April 1, 2024


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