Float: Account Executive (Americas and APAC)

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Discover Float, a leading software for team planning offering an Account Executive role for AMERICAS and APAC regions while working 100% remotely.

Who is Float

Float is highly recognized as the world’s leading software for teams to plan out their time. The platform was launched in 2012 and has experienced exponential growth annually. Float owns a diverse team that consists of 46 members and spans across multiple global regions including the USA, Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, and Australia. The software has continued to scale up and seeks individuals who can thrive in such a growth-oriented environment

Current Hiring Status

The company is looking to hire an Account Executive for the AMERICAS and APAC regions. This role originated due to Float's phenomenal customer acclaim and steady product growth. It ranks as the #1 most popular tool for resource management software on G2. The company aims to bring onboard someone who is as excited by the prospects of optimizing sales performance and closing more customers.

Role Responsibilities

The new recruit will be responsible for managing 100 inbound leads per month within specified regions. Sales development and customer understanding continue to be paramount in this role. There will be initial emphasis on understanding the Float product deeply, knowing the ideal customer profile, and learning best sales-assist practices from Float, among others. Once the individual has settled in, building personal sales pipelines, developing targeted campaigns, sharing product feedback to enhance improvements, effecting adequate product collaboration with marketing, and executing opportunities to shorten and simplify the sales cycle will also be requisite.

What's Needed for Successful Role Execution?

To carry out this role to success, the candidate will need to possess certain skills and qualifications like having experience in a Sales role in the B2B SaaS industry with SMB to Midmarket customers, experience supporting both inbound leads and prospecting sales calls, being familiar with Gong, able to use a CRM like Hubspot or Salesforce, and possess a creative and driven mindset. Also, an individual is expected to have had previous remote work experience and is comfortable using tools like Slack, Loom, and Linear to communicate.

Why Join Us & How To Apply

Joining the team guarantees an $80,000 base pay with a total on target earnings with variable pay of $115,000. Applications are made via the Float career page that provides all information about the interview process and the company's global team. The company has a diverse team of people from all over the world who share a common belief in living their best work life, which is why they encourage everyone to apply, even if their qualifications don't meet 100% of the criteria.

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USA, Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, Australia



December 5, 2023


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