Alqen: Data Analyst for SQL Queries

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Join Alqen as a Data Analyst to craft SQL queries & gain customer insights for B2B SaaS solutions aimed at Walmart & Amazon sellers. Apply now!

Overview of Alqen Data Analyst Position

Alqen, a B2B SaaS company based in Los Angeles, is on the lookout for a skilled Data Analyst with expertise in SQL. Their primary focus is to aid Walmart and Amazon sellers in scaling their businesses by using data-driven insights derived from time series data. The company maintains a strong commitment to creating and refining SQL queries that serve the purpose of extracting meaningful information for their clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development of efficient SQL queries tailored for clients' needs.
  • Construction of materialized views to optimize data retrieval.
  • Implementation of queries for hierarchical data aggregation.
  • Augmentation of existing queries with aggregate columns for enhanced insights.
  • Analysis of raw data to support informed decision-making.
  • Contribution to the database architecture to facilitate scalability.
  • Development of data pipelines for efficient extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.
  • Integration of diverse data sources to form a cohesive database environment.
  • Daily collaboration with team members, ensuring transparent communication and progress updates.

Tech Stack and Tools

The prospective Data Analyst will work with a variety of technologies that form the backbone of Alqen's infrastructure. Essential tools and platforms include:

  • Supabase for backend management and service.
  • Timescale, utilizing Apache Edition License, for time-series data.
  • PostgreSQL as the foundational database system.
  • Typescript for programming needs.
  • AWS Glue for data integration and ETL jobs.
  • A custom frontend setup, explicitly noting the absence of BI (Business Intelligence) tools in the tech stack.

Application Process

Candidates interested in the Data Analyst role at Alqen, with a passion for SQL and data analysis and a drive to impact the e-commerce landscape, are encouraged to apply through the provided webpage. This presents a unique opportunity to join an innovative company that values the role of data in scaling businesses effectively.

To submit your application and learn more about this opportunity, please visit the stated URL for a chance to become part of a dynamic, data-forward team.

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Los Angeles

Data analysis


February 3, 2024


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