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Join Benchling as a Data Platform Engineer to innovate in biotech R&D. Build scalable data services to empower development and accelerate research milestones.

Role Overview

Benchling is on a mission to revolutionize biotechnology with its R&D Cloud used by leading biotech firms to expedite product development and market delivery. As a Data Platform Engineer at Benchling, you would be a vital part of a swiftly expanding engineering team, entrusted with forming the backbone of data services for customers and internal analytics. Your role includes the construction of the next-generation Data Platform, fostering a high-quality, metrics-driven environment and collaborating with product teams to inform data-centric features.


Your main tasks would include building and maintaining a high-throughput distributed messaging system, developing a modern data warehouse, creating a domain-specific language and schema registry for tailor-made data models, ensuring data integrity and privacy, defining service objectives, and optimizing pipeline performance. You'd also be involved in devising CI/CD pipelines and managing the data platform's full lifecycle alongside establishing best practices alongside the Applications and Platform divisions.


The ideal candidate should have over 5 years in software engineering with experience in data analytics and warehouse solutions like Snowflake and AWS Redshift. Expertise in data processing technologies such as Kafka and Spark, schema design, SLQ, and schema registry is required. Proficiency in Python and deployment frameworks like Terraform, along with a passion for impacting the customers and the life sciences research sphere, is essential. Strong communication skills and willingness to work onsite three days a week in the SF office are also vital.

Salary Range & Benefits

Benchling offers a competitive salary ranging from $177,735 to $240,465, equity participation, comprehensive healthcare options, fertility and parental support, retirement plans with employer matching, various wellness and learning perks, and generous vacation time. The total compensation for the role is designed to promote wellbeing and career development for employees.


This position is based in San Francisco, California, United States with hybrid working options available. Prospective employees can refer to Benchling's salary zones resource for location-specific pay information and are encouraged to reach out to a recruiter for any inquiries.

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San Francisco, California, United States

Data science


April 15, 2024


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